"Run for charity , Run for health"

Running is one of the best exercise you can do for both your physically and mentally health. Even a shot 10 minutes run can help you to boost your mood and fitness level if done consistenly 

The purpose of this program is to help you to get good health and at the same time 
we can spread our kindness to everyone those in need. It is one of our efforts to help other families affected by pandemic ????

Event date: 12 Sep-2 Oct 2021
Registration date: 29 Aug-11 Sep 2021
Running period: 12 Sep-22 Oct 2021

How to join?
1. Register at
2. Choose your preferable distance, 3KM or 7KM 
3. Run at your own speed, anywhere even on treadmill
4. Share your photos and results to us at
5. ...and boom! Your finisher medal and kit will be posted soon after!

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